An inner city allotment

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Water Logging!

We visited the plot yesterday to assess any weather damage we may have suffered during the recent bad spell, Although our plot escaped lightly compared to some who suffered lost shed roof’s, pots blown away and most of all water logged beds:.

It seems every plot gets water logged somewhere , Ours is in one spot at the far end on a shared pathway between three plots.





This is the problem area so more wood chips are needed to soak up the excess!

Although we escaped lightly compared to other area’s on the site.Image


Despite the weather it is nice to see a shot of colour from this Cyclamen returning!Image



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And so the year begins…Again!

Whilst most normal people are recovering from the indulgences of Christmas and New Year we are busy digging, turning compost, freezing our nether regions and of course drinking tea by the bucketful. Preparing the allotment for another year is always exciting and hard work but well worth the effort and the aches and pains it brings! 

This week we turned over a couple of beds, moved compost which was DUMPED(with good intentions) in the wrong place, But we still found time to plant up this seasons Broad Beans(bit early some may say but worked for us last year) each with their own individual cloche’s.

This year we have big plans and it will be all change in some area’s.

But we definitely need to paint the shed!




Compost on the move!


Compost Corner!


Cloched and ready to go, Recycling at it’s best!