An inner city allotment

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October 2015

It seems too warm at the moment. We still have the ‘summer’ duvet on the bed and bluebells have begun to sprout in the park. Too warm.

But that doesn’t stop us making preparations on the allotment. Our plot has a whopping great tree over looking it, the council have thought about chopping it down and changed their mind half way through, we kid you not, anyway, the yearly leaf collection takes place. We’re grateful for the leaf mold but raking all the leaves up every couple of days seems like a thankless task. We bought a leaf composter when we got the allotment, ( that’s posh for three giant green sacks attached to a metal frame, into which you put your bin bags full of leaves, and move them along to the next sack each year, by year three you have perfect leaf mold.)  We love throwing it on the razzers and other fruit bushes. It’s done wonders.

Dark,smelly leaf mold on the  raspberry bed.

Dark,smelly leaf mold on the raspberry bed.

We planted some more alliums, we’ve been after white ones for a while. We have a long line of them along the border of the allotment, beautiful but they don’t seem to last long enough. We leave them until they’re seed heads.

This May /June

This May /June

Here's hoping the white stay true for a couple of years at least.

Here’s hoping the white stay true for a couple of years at least.

While making a last-minute compost run to a famous DIY shop yesterday, we were lured by the dwindling seeds on display. We needed some red cabbage seeds, which I’ll sow in the next week for an early summer crop, but we also bought some Rudbeckia seeds (always tempting!) and Nemesia  seeds. We’ve never grown them before, it’s always good to grow something new.

So, while one of us watched the football on the telly, the other sorted out our seed packets. It was scary how out of date some of them were, but it’s always a great excuse to buy some fresh new ones for next season. I collect my own runners and french from what I grow each season, but I still get tempted by those catalogues and shop displays.

They've go to go!

They’ve go to go!



The list for new seeds will probably be added to, meanwhile we keep raking the leaves and waiting for the perpetual spinach and winter salad to appear. Happy Halloween!