An inner city allotment

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Happy New Year! January 2016

We love the feeling of optimism that comes with the new year hangover and the longer daylight hours. Yes Spring is coming !

‘The Coffin’ as we call it, was an old wardrobe that had been turned into a cold frame, and has sat next to the green house for the last five years. We decided to move it to brush underneath and er… the bottom fell out! So, being good plot people, the cold frame has now become a raised bed. We’ve planted a few leftover bulbs, Tulips, narcissi and crocus around it to brighten it up. It will be used, haven’t decided what for yet but we think it looks pretty good.


We had to get the Broad Beans in the ground, they were getting slightly pot bound,


but unfortunately all the beds, instead of being too hard with frost are sodden with all the rain we’ve been having. So we popped them into a trough for now. It’s not ideal moving them so much but the ground is like a quagmire.


The strawberry bed had to be weeded, it looked a tip and it needs some new plants. We’ve got some in the greenhouse ready to go in.


The heated propagator has been dragged from its box. We’re starting off the peppers. Never had any luck with sweet peppers but we’re determined this year, and the aubergines !! Growing them outside this season, never done this before, but we may have more success than the ‘one’ fruit’ we have had from the greenhouse.


We were the only ones at the allotments over the weekend, well we didn’t see anyone while we were there. We couldn’t wait to get started, can you????