An inner city allotment

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February Blues …

The days don’t seem to be getting longer. The best word to describe it is… DULL! We looked back over previous posts, (always like looking at the summery pics ) and cannot wait for Spring and the oncoming season.

The chilli pepper / aubergine seeds don’t seem to be thriving that well in the heated propagator, they’re a bit straggly and weak looking, so more were started in the greenhouse, just to compare and if we have too many plants (can you ever have too many??) they can be sold at an ‘open day sale’ or passed on to another allotmenter.

I’d sown some Swiss Chard ‘Ruby’ seed before Christmas, and they were popped into larger modules yesterday.


We’re not even a big fan of Chard to eat but, I know this sounds shallow, it looks nice!! And we’re going to force ourselves to eat it because it’s ‘Good For You!!’

At last the broad beans went into the ground! The soil is still claggy but they had to go in, not without their cloches and a bit of sun.


We had intended to just have a small area behind the shed & greenhouse to grow lots of herbs. We’ve never grown so many varieties ┬ábefore and the area is a little sun trap. However … there was a sale in a local shop that sells garden supplies etc and their small walk in greenhouses were CHEAP! So we bought one and the new herb garden will now be grown in pots and the large trough that was there has been moved next to the strawb. bed!! The best plans …

Also moved was the Lychnis. Beautiful pink and white flowers that self seed and with constant dead heading flower for ever. We had intended to move them last year and was shocked at how root bound the poor things had become. We made a separate bed for them near the beans and just hope that they take.


Straggly and bit messy, but in the summer …


Anyway, hope you’re all preparing for March and SPRING!! AT LAST!!