An inner city allotment

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Fruit. 2016

Just a small post today, seeing as we’re in the midst of a ‘heatwave’ (yes, two days of sun!)

Our fruit cage is bursting at the moment. We planted some Marigolds in each corner to ward off any predators but they’ve grown bigger than the bushes! We planted them, the fruit bushes, quite close together and have to thin them out to ‘let the air in’, but we still get a good crop.


We clean them and freeze them for smoothies.

The strawbs seem to be coming to the end now. We need to replenish the bed and get some new plants in. We usually save some from runners and keep them ticking over the winter, but we still need some ‘fresh blood’.


We soaked some in some gin …very nice with tonic

The plum tree had to come down. It kept getting infested and never produced anything other than one plum in the five years it has been in. Unfortunately it had to go.


Alas poor plum …

There are plenty of apples and pears fruiting, always reliable for us and our new rhubarb crowns that we’ve grown from seed have just been potted on. They’ll go in the bed next year replacing our old ones,which have become a bit spindly.

We grow our tomatoes, cherry tumblers, in hanging baskets in the greenhouse, (much to the amusement of the older fellas on the allotment who like to have tomato wars every summer!) This year has been a bumper one. We giving bags of the things away.


They are a fruit … arn’t they?

And to finish – told you it would be a shorter one – here’s a picture of the cut flower bed. All the seeds were freebies from magazines. When I downloaded it the ‘pooter did this photo enhancement thing. As you’ve guessed by now we don’t have much of an idea about the technical wotsits much preferring to have our hands in the soil than on a keyboard. But it looks lovely, and it’s kept the house in flowers for ages now. Happy plotting!


July 2016