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The Move pt 1. September 2016

So it seems that we will be moving to the new plot sooner than we thought. Which is good, but we have to get things shifting, and over the weekend that meant bulbs. Over the six years we’ve been on the plot we must have quite a few of them; tulips, grape hyacinth, snowdrops, daffs.  They’ve reproduced and spread, until each spring we get a surprise when more and more flower. We’ve got loads of alium bulbs, they always make a great border display, and what started out as a bag of five bulbs has ended up as this …


Dreading the replant …

The plot looks a mess. By now we’re covering the empty beds, but we were told not to bother. Who ever takes over can do that. Hate it looking such a tip though.


We cleared the dumpling squash from the far end of the plot. We’d trained it up canes and it’s something we’ll definitely do again, mainly for the space saving. We got a fair few from it, all to be roasted and scoffed. One of the tendrils had climbed into the old wooden wardrobe we used to use as a hardening off box. A sneaky squash was hiding in there.


Three rhubarb crowns that we had grown from seed we happily taking care of themselves in the large plastic greenhouse we had used to grow the aubergines in. They’d hardly been watered so they were treated to a top dress of fresh compost and promised a nice new spot to go in when we move. They seemed to perk up!


Bit spindly but they should recover.

Here’s a pic of some of the aubergines, big and small, all much appreciated! Wish we had feed them a lot more than we had. Still learning …


Lovely colour!

Was picking some of the raspberries and just for comedy value, took a tumble sending them flying EVERYWHERE! So spent the following twenty minutes crawling on the ground trying to collect them again. Tasted nice though.


Happy plotting  !


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September 2016

Autumn is coming. The heatwave has finished where we are and the winter duvet is being dug out of the airing cupboard. With this comes the annual autumn wind down on the allotment, only this time it’s tinged with anticipation and a little bit of sadness. Plotdaze is on the move. We have a half plot, well it’s over half we think and from next season we will be moving to a great big whopper of a full sized plot!!

Funny how you can be attached to a piece of land, but you can. We love our rickety shed, which has been compared to the shack from the film, ‘The Evil Dead’ and our greenhouse, which was ruthlessly called ‘the deathtrap’, by someone who evidently had no taste or imagination … but it’s time to move onward.

Anyway here’s an update.

The butternut squash were a success. Last year we got about seven, this year we have many more. We cleared the bed, I didn’t want to let them get too big, otherwise we’ll be eating them until next summer!


Butternuts squashed together …

A job we hate every year is taking down the bean poles. It’s a two person job, and we nearly always end up stopping half way through for a brew. It’s messy but it has to be done. After a shaky start the beans did really well. The runner, french and purple all supplied us with tasty scoff. And the freezers a bit packed with them now as well.


Excuse the mess.

For the first time EVER we had some aubergines. Yes! Plural! More than one! They were grown in a plastic green house, the opening left unzipped (because one of us broke it…)  and that’s how we’ll do it all the time now. Looking closely at the pic, there’s a lot of unfertilised flowers, hopefully next year there won’t be as many. They may not be massive, but it’s a success for Plotdaze!



And just for the colours here are some of the chilli peppers and toms from the green house,


We were told the long peppers looked like ‘alien’s fingers’…

…and just because it is seed saving time, here’s some of the Borlotti beans we’ve saved just for that job. Everyone should save seed, but I hate to say it, not enough of us do. It was the first year we’d grown these, but they will be back.


Happy plotting people!