An inner city allotment

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February 2017

So, we’ve got the mud sorted, sort off, we’re keeping it at bay with the use of copious amounts of woodchip on the paths and praying that it doesn’t rain too much. Now as we’re turning over the beds we’re tackling, or trying to, the bindweed! We had noticed in the autumn when we taken a look over the allotment, it had spread everywhere.

20161023_133834 (1).jpg

Quite like it like this but …

There is nothing for it but to weed it out. We know you can never really get rid of it, and we don’t really like the idea of weedkiller sitting in the soil even though it is too early to use it, but it’s just one of those jobs you hate but has to be done. Wellies on, Forks in, Buckets out.


Just the beginning.

Soon we had as much of it out as we could and we gave the bed a rake over. All we need now is some nice frost to attack it, but we’re sure you can hear the bindweed rumbling underneath, laughing, ‘Do you think we’ve gone … think again!’ and it will erupt overnight .


All done, for now…

So, after near rupturing our knees, ankles back etc we decided to spend some time potting on some purchases. We’d bought four Chocolate Cosmos and a Paeonia, which were only a £1 or £1.50 !! Bargains. Wilkos is great for plants and seeds, some flower packets were 25p!


Happy plotting!