An inner city allotment

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March 2017

The allotment is on the go. Familiar faces have returned and everyone is busy. But first … we thought we’d show you the repairs we had to do on the greenhouse that resulted from Storm Doris. It’s a very leaky ship this new greenhouse and we’ve been repairing as we go since we moved, but the storm left us with a small flood. Until we can get the glass etc it will have to look like this !!!


Clothes pegs coming in handy!

It looks like it’s had a fright but it works! The problem is at the apex and until we can get ┬áthe repairs done properly this will have to do. We’ll replace the pegs though, maybe with clips.

Then we had to save one of the trees in the orchard. It had listed with the wind, so gently we straightened it up and braced it being careful not to rub the bark in case of any disease setting in. The old tea towel came in handy, just hope it stays upright.


Can you spy the rogue gooseberry popping up?

Yesterday, after a week of hardening off, the broadies went in. They’re usually well in the ground by now but with the move, we held off. They’re Sutton, reliable and good croppers. We’d also began some Scorpio. We’ve never grown them before, they’re in the plastic tent, and will go in in a couple of weeks. It’ll be good to compare the two varieties.


Went posh this year with our Poundland cloches. Usually use the top off squash bottles!

A moment of happiness yesterday. Sat in the (dry & warm !!) greenhouse. Radio on low, birdsong everywhere, attempting to get seeds from some cayenne peppers that had dried out.It was great, just what having an allotment is about. Happy plotting.