An inner city allotment

April 2017 Seedlings

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Spring has sprung, although the cold weather today in these northern parts wouldn’t have you reaching for your flip flops. It feels like this week the plot has begun to burst with colour. Daffs, muscari and tulips have all bloomed  and there’s blossom on the fruit trees, the daylight is lasting longer, there are more people at the allotment.

So, everyone is busy, busy,busy in their green houses and window ledges are packed. We used our heated propagator to start off our peppers, aubergines and cucumbers, everything else was planted at the allotment. Our house is so dark, sitting the poor seedlings on our window ledges would be rubbish. We’ve started making the newspaper pots again, we begrudge the prices that garden centres and certain shops have started to charge for those plastic module sets! Here are just a couple of pics of some of the seedlings.


Cabbage, dahlia and in the distance red cabbage and khol rabi

I know the paper pots look a bit manky but they’re better for the environment and cheaper!!


Bit worried about the mottling on the aubergine…


Our plot,coming along nicely.

You can’t see the orchard or most of the onion bed on this but it’s good to have a view of the whole place, and as for that bell tent green house, or as we now call it, ‘The Big Top’, be wary of buying items without a box … or instructions. Happy plotting!


Author: Plotdaze

A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

One thought on “April 2017 Seedlings

  1. Could the aubergine have been splashed and then scorched on a sunny windowsill? It;s on an older leaf so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Your seedlings look otherwise beautifully healthy. Will heed your warning about boxless bargains! 🙂

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