An inner city allotment

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July 2017

It’s still July … just, and the allotment is in full bloom. We’ve had so many flowers this year, the house is full of them. We planted Rudbeckia and dahlias, wish we could remember the variety but although very slow at first they have taken hold of our cut flower patch. For the first time we’ve managed to get some Echinacea to flower and it’s stunning.


They’re huge!!

The Sweet Pea ‘maypole’ is now covered, but it’s took ages with the trimming etc and constant harvesting to keep it in bloom. They smell lovely though, apologies for the rubbish pic.


Alas, we have had our failures… the Florence fennel bolted, all of it. It seemed over night, they just exploded! It was a shame it’s never happened that all¬†of the bulbs bolted before.


trimmed before we dug it up

… and the celery is putting up a fight. We dug it in deep, with loads of compost but it just seems to be doing nothing at the moment. Fingers crossed eh?


Still netting everything from those pigeons. When will they stop??

What has been a huge success has been the kohlrabi. It’s been polished off mainly in coleslaw pretty quickly, and happily handed out to family who have christened it ‘sputniks’. You can see why.


wish we’d grown more.

We hope you’re all very busy and raking in the lovely produce. It’s the allotment ‘Open Day’ this weekend which is always a laugh. Happy plotting!