An inner city allotment

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September 2017

Autumn seemed to come round early this year. No chance of an Indian summer, in fact the rain began in August and it hasn’t stopped. We were waiting for a few good days to fix the greenhouse, seal it properly, but they didn’t seem to arrive. Anyway, must stop moaning …

The raspberries have been amazing, we’ve got bag fulls of them. Smoothies for the rest of the season! They just keep coming, and we always leave some for the birds. We like to think it’s because of the leaf mulch we dumped on the canes last winter when we travelled from the old plot to this. We also have a blackberry which grows around the back of the shed, a nice surprise.


Never had so many razzers!

The bean cage has come down, netting them with string was so much better than using the plastic stuff. Everything could go straight into the composter! We emptied the last of the spud bags last week and even though the potato skin was a little speckled there was nothing wrong with the taste. Some of the older gentleman on the allotment manage to keep spuds going until Christmas!

We brought the herbs into the greenhouse, they were beginning to dampen off. Fresh herbs are addictive, a much stronger flavour, so they’ll be getting babied for a while to keep them going.

20170917_095156 (1)

Plums. We were advised to prune the plum tree in the orchard. We read the books. Don’t leave it too late, prune on a dry day etc etc. We did this. And the plum harvest was a disappointment. The old fellas on the allotment offered some advice about this. DON’T DO IT! Just a good feed, (potash? Nitrogen heavy?) in the spring. Confusing.


Don’t mess with your plums …

Happy plotting one and all!