An inner city allotment

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October 2017

I just put the date as September, the year is passing too fast!


Yesterday was a brief visit. We had to keep dodging the rain, long showers that seem to have been falling since August. The paths have turned back into the slushy mud of the winter already despite the layering of wood chip and the greenhouse has developed a couple of leaks. Buckets at the ready!


This little corner was forgotten about until now really. The zantedeschia, lillies etc just seemed to get on with flowering and needing the occasional feed and water. They looked great as a display and still look good now I think. We’ll be putting them to bed, nicely mulched, in a plastic greenhouse we’ve got.

While moving some of the pots we saw this, a rogue sweet pea among the clematis, nice surprise though. Apologies for the blurry pic.



We cut some of the Ageratum to save for seed. It’s such a lovely colour, and a reliable long flowering bloom. It’s drying out in the leaky greenhouse, here’s hoping its not too damp.



There’s still a lot of colour on the allotment, the dahlias and rudbekia are going strong, but the lychnis had to be pruned. We always leave the cuttings so any wildlife can escape. And there was wildlife. A lot of it. The spiders are HUGE this year and they seem to be everywhere. We were told that means it’s going to be a colder winter than usual. Hopefully so.


Happy plotting!!