An inner city allotment

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November 2017

It’s cold. Really cold. And wet. But that doesn’t stop us messing about down at the allotments!

Every time we go we feed the birds, although the feeders have been ambushed by thrushes at the moment. Hopefully they’ll fly off to warmer parts soon. It’s a joy to watch the birds at this time of year.


NOT quick enough to actually photograph a bird!

We started the broad beans, seems like this comes around quicker every year, but after a late start this season, we’re back on track. Sutton and Scorpio again. Two to a pot, no doubt we’ll be too tight to dispose of the weakest one and end up growing too many plants or giving them away!


Overlooked by the Cheshire Cat …

We had to wood chip the area where the chicken coop used to be. The ground dips and is so soggy that next were thing about ways to raise it or sort the drainage out. For now it’s been chipped which makes it able to even walk on.


Spreadin’ the ‘chip¬†

Lastly, we bought a small Angelica plant at RHS Chatsworth this year after seeing the it at another allotments open day.  Does it die down over winter? Does it go to sleep? It just seems to have exploded in the soil. Some have said to cover it, some leave it. The debate rages on. Any opinions ?


What a whopper!

Happy plotting.