An inner city allotment

December 2017


We’re in the inbetweener week. Not Christmas and not New Year. Those days when most people sit on the couch and finish off the copious amounts of food that are crammed into fridges while watching films they have seen before or Britain’s Strongest Man, that week. We popped to the plot on Christmas Eves eve and couldn’t wait for the new season to begin. There were a couple of other plot holders there, also itching to get cracking.

Sadly we lost a couple of our older members this year, and a couple have left, leaving the allotments open for new people. Fresh faces are always welcome.


Allotments by David Inshaw

It’s been a learning curve taking over a larger plot, more watering for a start and more upkeep. We still have to creosote the shed and are still waterproofing the greenhouse, jobs multiply but we get on with them like every other plot holder who loves coming to their allotment.


Bleak …

Still, we tell ourselves, ‘soon be Spring’ and the first plot holders meeting should be in a couple of weeks (always fun!) when subs and dues have to be paid. ‘Any other business’ always brings about interesting discussions. But this happens in a community doesn’t it?

So first thing we’re going to do when the weather perks up? Paint the boat!


We must name it this year!


Happy New Year and Happy Plotting!



Author: Plotdaze

A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

2 thoughts on “December 2017

  1. Your plot looks pretty tidy, the tarps always help 👍

  2. The tarps are a boon for keeping some of the privet leaves at bay. We could do with a good frost though, everywhere else seems to be getting it except here, we just get rain as you can see from our newly forming ponds!

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