An inner city allotment

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January 2018 Frost

While the frost can be a killer on the allotment ( decimated the blossom on the pear tree a few years ago! ) it also brings with it a beauty of its own, and it does your bulbs good so we’re told. We planted a load a while back and some, mainly the allium and grape hyacinth, are beginning to poke their heads up through the soil.


This is on the boat. Name unknown.

At this time of year you’re looking for signs that Spring is coming. The seasons become much more important when you have an allotment or garden, you itch to get things started and any green stands out. The new growth on the Summer flowering clematis was a nice surprise. It had been neglected before we took over the plot and were advised not to cut it at the end of the flowering season. Seems to have worked.


Can’t wait for the flowers!

Even the strawberry bed looked good in the frost. We had taken most of the runners from it just a couple of days before to go in the opposing bed. Always more room for strawberries on the allotment .


The Strawb. beds

It’s been so cold lately, the water froze in the kettle and the pipe split on the allotment tap! Here’s to the warmer months to come. Happy plotting.