An inner city allotment

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February 2018

Wish we could visit the plot today because it has SNOWED! Yes, the white stuff! In February! How dare it?? But alas we have to work so no visit. We were there over last weekend getting on with some of the jobs we do every year and making a list of the repair jobs for the following weeks. Everything is going to be creosoted, shed, fencing, the wood around the beds, the lot. We also need to seal some of the glass on the greenhouse and dig over a couple of the beds. I’m sure there’ll be more. The onions have started to poke their heads through, although the whites are racing ahead of the red.


Still got some onions from last year!

After a visit to a garden centre last month and vowing not to buy more seeds, we instead decided to satisfy my new addiction … dahlias. So, we potted them as we were reliably told to do so, to ‘get them ready to go outside.’ We can’t wait to see these in bloom and with the ones saved from last year, and the variety we’re growing from seed this year, ‘Yankie Doodle Dandy’, it should make for a colourful display.


Promise not to buy anymore …

A mention for this Scabious. It was left on the shelf in a shop, unloved and unwanted. It has flowered since the end of last summer. It’s lovely to see a bit of colour in the darkest of months.


Happy Plotting!