An inner city allotment

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March 2018

I’ve heard more than one allotmenteer complain about how far behind they are. I looked at a photo of the allotment this time last year, and we had broad beans in the soil and some spuds in bags. This year I’ve just put the broadies in the cold frame and we’ve planted up one bag of spuds. The weather has been a downer to say the least. However, spring is on the way. It is. No Really…

The optimism of planting seeds always makes for a few happy hours in the greenhouse. We bought some seed compost from a famous DIY store, ( our nearest garden centre is MILES away ) and it was abysmal. Rubbishy clumps of coir and wood that would never have rotted even if it had been composted in Tudor times fell out of the sweaty bag! Anyway, we did our best, sieving it over and over until we could plant some seeds in it.


Lovely spread. Some of the red cabbage already coming through at the bottom of the pic.

We planted up a load of sweet pea seeds, some were coming to the end of their packaging date, while some were bought at RHSChatsworth last year. We bought a variety called, Harlequin which we’ve never grown before, but looked amazing in the huge flower displays. It has a brown/dark burgundy and white flower, we can’t wait to see them.


Mumsie and Tiller Girl – two favourites

Everywhere has been painted, we are definitely getting the onions in this weekend … weather dependant! Happy Easter and Happy Plotting!