An inner city allotment

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April 2018

Everything is so late this Spring. It feels like we’re behind with the weather. Lets hope there’ll be a nice sunny September  this year, fingers crossed. This trough of tulips and aliums is usually about to burst open by now. Maybe a few days of sun will cajole them out.


Everyone on the allotment is moaning about their spuds, or lack of them. We grow ours in bags, large blue ones that you buy from a certain Swedish furniture shop, and they’re only just beginning to poke their leaves through the soil top. The early peas have just gone in their trough, they were started in late March. The variety is ‘Boogie’ a little gem of a discovery last year. Great croppers and taste lovely. We’ll start another batch first weekend in May.


Boogie peas!

We’re not growing large (ordinary sized ?) beetroot this year. Last year we direct sown them and the soil just seemed a bit ‘tired’. The beetroot  came out  slightly woody even though they weren’t that big. We’re growing baby beets this year, different varieties, and we’ve started them off in cells. We’re growing them in the salad bed. They can go out next weekend and we’ll sow another batch.

20180428_120911 (1)

These cardboard cells always turn moldy so fast.

The greenhouse is crammed with seedlings. As usual we’ve started too much although an accident with the aubergine seed packet means there are about ten plants! No doubt we’ll be giving them away.  The cucumbers have made a slow appearance and the courgettes have just come through. I’d checked the cucumber seeds to see  if they’d rotted but that cold snap really held everything back. Think we’ll go back to using the heated propagator for longer again.


Trying not to use as much plastic.

Finally (hooray) you know when you just see something, as if it’s for the first time, and you swear it wasn’t there an hour ago, well that’s what happened with the blossom on the pear tree. One minute it was in bud, and the next it had exploded with beautiful white flowers!


Looking forward to the pears.

Here’s hoping there won’t be too many frosts to come. Happy plotting!