An inner city allotment

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May 2018


View from the greenhouse door.

This May has been glorious, late to start with the end of spring warmth but it’s caught up. We went on holiday … yes, yes in the busiest month but we needed it, and if you want to see the beautiful colours of wildflowers go to Corfu. It’s beautiful.

So, our plot was left in the extremely capable hands of our allotment neighbours, who have been great at taking care of everything. They’re fab.

Anyway, you go away for a week and it seems everything has just exploded, especially the angelica that we bought as a tiny plant at last years RHS Chatsworth show. It’s now huge, towering over the broad beans and will be moved at the end of the season. It lovely though, the flower heads are amazing. You can see it to the right of the photo, bright green and very tall. The clematis on the metal archway has flowered, the sweet peas and runner beans have shot up and don’t even need tying, they’ve just found their own way on their strings. Maybe it makes them stronger, or we were just lucky with the weather while we’ve been away, but they seem good.

The strawberry bed has almost pushed it’s netting off. Here’s hoping we get a better crop than last year. the plants seemed to have recovered after the move.


Strawbs, some from seed, runner and shop bought. A happy mix.

Just next to the secret garden, (more of that soon) are the raspberries. After a severe chop they have returned with a vengeance. We’ve put green poles in a maze type pattern through them to make a sort of path. Trying to get to the middle of the bed to pick them last year was an almost acrobatic feat, so we put these in so we can at least feel our feet and not topple over sending a freshly picked punnet flying.


Notice how the alliums are everywhere now, like sentry guards.

More stuff has to go in. The Florence fennel is just about ready, the courgettes also. The brassicas and sweetcorn that we put in just before we went away are thriving thanks to our allotment friends, and everything is, as they say blooming! RHS Chatsworth next week. We can’t wait. Happy plotting!