An inner city allotment

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September 2018

Here we are in autumn. It’s come around so fast, maybe it was because of the very hot summer, but the days have flown. We’re glad really, sometimes it can be a bit exhausting. So we have begun putting some of the beds to sleep. We’ve dug them over and covered them with a tarp, leaving the flower beds either side. Don’t know when to lift the dahlia tubers, should be soon though, it’s getting cold at nighttime.


Still lots of colour.

We cleared the smaller beds at the far end of the plot, and left it uncovered. We’re going to grow green manure (mustard) in them. We’ve never done that before. Some of the fellow plotters don’t really like it, but we’ve heard a lot of good reports, so we’ll give it a try. The soil could do with it. There’s been no horse muck delivery this summer for us to dig in, and we’ve got a lack of leaf mold, so we need to get some nutrients back in to the ground.


Looking a bit bleak …

Always a bit sad when we clear out the greenhouse. There was a still a small haul of peppers to be had. The chilli peppers are drying out nicely. The aubergines weren’t up to much, don’t think we’ll be growing as many (3) as we did this year.


Not massive, but tasty!

It’s been a nice September, very quiet at the allotments. Lots of seed catalogues popping through the letter box, and you know what that means … planning for next year!!

Happy plotting!