An inner city allotment

December 2018

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Another year nearly gone, and we’re itching to get the 2019 growing season underway. Some people start their chillies off this early or their tomatoes. we’re going to leave it for a couple of weeks. There are some jobs on the plot that need doing – woodchipping, always woodchipping!!- as well as maintaining the shed and greenhouse.

So, we thought we would share a few of the pics from over the last year – it’s Christmas, there’s always repeats! But, it’s good to look back upon the year gone and look forward to the next.

20180107_112311 (1)

In January the water froze not just outside the waterbutt but inside as well. It looked pretty, but little did we know that ‘the beast from the east’ would appear in the spring to kill off a lot of the seedlings. There were quite a few complaints about the weather this year. Too cold – causing the seedlings to dampen off. Too hot – problems with watering. We’re never happy!!


By Spring the seed trays ( posh words for the reusable food cartons!) we’re bursting. It’s great when the green house starts getting full. We have a small plastic green house for hardening off.

Come summer and it’s all about watering and feeding. The weather was great. Hot and sunny! Then came the watering restrictions, but we all coped.


May 2018


July 2018


July 2018


End of August 2018

We had such a lot of delicious crops, and beautiful flowers, we were very lucky, and we have some good neighbours who watered our plot when we couldn’t. It’s been a great year. We can’t wait for the next. Happy New Year everyone and Happy Plotting!!


Author: Plotdaze

A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

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