An inner city allotment

January 2019

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Happy New Year!

We know, it’s way too late to be saying that, but we’ve done it any way. The beginning of a new growing year always comes with the excitement of what will be a success or what will be a flop. We look forward to the routines of sowing and pricking out, potting on and eventually putting stuff into the ground. We’ve already sorted through the seed packets, thrown some away and bought new ones. There’s been wood chipping, repairing, painting and  cleaning and January isn’t even over yet!


1st January 2019

We’ve had a couple of mishaps already. The tomato seedlings that were sown, a new variety called ‘Shimmer’, shrivelled up and died, literally within the space of an hour. We thought we were doing well. The Black Opal seed that was saved from last year, has flourished, it’s the first time we’ve saved seed from a tomato. It’s something that we’ll be doing again.

A friendly squirrel decided it really wanted some extra fibre to it’s diet and decided to scoff it’s way through our crocus and tulip bulbs. They may look cute but they are evil … and very very greedy! we replanted some more, and have covered all the pots and troughs with netting until he decided to move elsewhere. We always thought they hibernated for the winter.

The onion sets have been started off in the modules, just to give them a start and to stop Mr Squirrel from eating them fresh from the soil. Too many do you think?


There’s some Shallots in there as well.

The weather has just been wet, hardly any frost and just a very light smattering of snow. We’re looking forward to those summer months again. Happy Plotting!

Author: Plotdaze

A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

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