An inner city allotment

February 2019


Well, this month has been a game of two halves. We started off the month like this …


Taken on the 14th Feb.


The boat’s looking a bit sorry for itself.

Everywhere, was frosty, snowy and cold. Even the squirrel had decided to stay away. So we planted some seeds at home in the propagator and stared at the seed catalogues and plot pics, waiting for the spring to come. We had some bulbs waiting to go in and the broad beans were slowly growing in the green house. Then the heat came, spring had sprung!


Taken on the 24th.

So, it’s all very lovely having an early spring, but we rememberĀ  the ‘Beast from the East’ last year which took us by surprise, pushed spring back and killed off some crops on the allotment.

Now, there is blossom appearing on the fruit trees and the onions are sprouting in the modules we’ve started them off in, waiting to go in the soil. The broad beans are staying in the green house, although the boat does now look lovely seeing as the bulbs have all come out. She needs a lick of paint though. Happy Plotting!


Taken this morning! 27th February.


Author: Plotdaze

A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

2 thoughts on “February 2019

  1. Wonderful pics, they really capture the changing mood of the of plot as the weather/seasons shift!

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