An inner city allotment

April 2019

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Last week we had a mini heatwave, making the alliums and tulips burst into flower, even the cape daisy has started opening. This old trough is about to collapse. We may get another year out of it, but the display is lovely.


Spring colours!

Then this week we had a what can only be described as a mini tornado wreak havoc on the plot. A friend from a neighbouring allotment site had warned us. ‘Are you ready for the hurricane?’ ‘Eh? What hurricane’ we answered … more fool us. This happened a couple of years ago, when the winds that blow across the site took out our poly-tent that housed the tomato plants. We were left with a mess.

This year we had put up a larger poly tunnel, (no fun in that mini heatwave, and rubbish instructions – 2 hours!!!) Anyway, it survived, but only just. There were a few minor tears but we spent the next day trying to sort out how to stop this happening again. We’re looking into some sort of wind breaks we can put up when there is a weather warning, provided that we hear about it first!!!

IMG_20190428_134316 (1)

Bit of bunting makes anything look good …

We have a small plastic hardening off greenhouse near the back of the plot. It’s great for leaving pots in, and gets really hot. We’re going to grow the aubergines in there. We left the herb pots in for a couple of days during the mini heatwave. They loved it! Even the cuttings seemed to take quicker. Bit of heat does wonders.


Love fresh herbs!

So, the broad beans came off ok  in the winds. The courgettes are hardening off, the sweetcorn is in, the brassicas are about to go in, ( that seems to take forever!) and the majority of the summer flowers have germinated and are taking over the greenhouse! Happy Plotting everyone!




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A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

One thought on “April 2019

  1. Just a touch of bunting… lots of beautiful growth

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