An inner city allotment

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May 2019

The end of an eventful month. We lost our very dear cat this month. Topsy was 19 and is so missed. Then we had a  holiday to the beautiful island of Corfu. Pictures and blog post to follow. Thank you to our plot pals Sue and Lauren for all the watering while we were away.

On the plot we have been coping with planting out – everything seems to need to go out in May – and the winds. they’ve not seemed to die down at all and it’s played havoc with some of our crops. The plot does look good on a sunny day though.


Brassicas netted and the fruit cage is up!


We put up the bean canes and had to put plastic around the beans – french climbers, broad and borlotti – after a day. The wind just blew them to bits. We even had to leave cloches on the borlottis for a couple of days for added protection.


The beans are growing slowly this year.

The mangetout were planted in an extra deep trough. They grow better for us in a container. When we came back from holiday they were bursting from the the plastic cover, trying to escape. We’ve already been picking some earlies from them.


Purple, yellow and green mangetout in there!

The spuds are doing well in their bags. We’ve started more off so we have more late into the season. They seem to get gobbled up too quickly when ready! This pic was taken just before we watered them, so they look a bit wilted, but they’re doing good.


Some of the spud bags and a very weedy brassica bed.

Last winter – a very cold day indeed – we planted quite a few bronze iris corms. Nothing seemed to happen for ages! ‘We’ve been sold duds!’ I moaned, then in the last couple of weeks they’ve shot up and flowered. They’re absolute beauties and we thought we’d share a pic of them with you. Happy Plotting!


Photo doesn’t do them justice. the colours are almost luminous.