An inner city allotment

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June 2019

Suns here! Well for a short while anyway. The water butts are nearly empty so the queue for the tap begins. We’ve started going very early – 6ish- just to get some watering in before work and before anyone is there to moan about tap usage. the joys of summer eh?

The roses have really appreciated the heat. We’ve got a few in our new rose bed, amongst a lost of other plants. It was nice to turn up yesterday and see, ‘Rock n’Roll in full bloom. A lovely plant.


The roses are just beginning to bloom!


We’ve still got the sweetcorn under the cage because of the squirrel who’s still hanging around. It’s coming on well even though it’s about to escape. The rhubarb behind it is still going great, shame about the courgettes with the now yellowing leaves. We’re usually waiting for the glut, somehow, this year I don’t think we’re going to get it.


Soon to be released …

The small salad bed by the green house is packed. New radish will be sewn at the weekend, but the pickling onions are doing well as are the lettuce – Romaine – and the baby beetroot. We squeezed a little memorial stone to our beloved cat in there as well.


Some say it’s messy…


The boat is looking glorious! We’ve been adding smaller plants, mainly alpines to it and some Nemesia had set seed from last year. It looks great. Some of the creepers like the white bells we’ve had to trim back a bit and take cuttings for elsewhere. It was a popular photo stop for the visitors on the open day we had a couple of weeks back. Don’t think the picture does it justice really.


Always room for one more!

Hope the weather is kind to you, and keep using the water butts! Happy Plotting!