An inner city allotment

September 2019

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There was an autumnal chill the other morning and for the last few days there has been a lot of rain. Good job we’d fixed the leak in the greenhouse! No doubt another will spring up somewhere. This quieter time on the allotment is perfect for repairs and plans and seed catalogues with tempting offers and new varieties!

There is no fence between our plot and the next, but we’d put in some plants ages ago along the border. Funny how some things done by accident almost, look great after ward. We had put in some pink cosmos, spare echinacea plants and some sedum cuttings. As you can see, the border looks great, it spread around the sweetcorn and the rhubarb bed. Hopefully it will be just as lovely next year. It’s still going strong now.


Happy accident.

We’ll be eating squash until next year. The wet summer was just what they needed. We would go home and literally the next day they would be huge. We also grew some spaghetti squash, and didn’t do too badly with them.


Butternuts and Spaghetti!

We had planted some chantenay carrot seed in a couple of troughs – something we had vowed not to do. We have NEVER had any success with carrots in all the years we have had an allotment. NEVER. Not one. This year we …drum roll please… actually grew some!! OK, they’re very small – even for chantenay – and it was only a few but it’s a start. We’ll be growing some next year for definite. The secret? Plant the seed and then do nothing except water occasionally but, ignore them. Happy Plotting !


Success at last!

Author: Plotdaze

A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

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