An inner city allotment

November 2019

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Miserable, rainy , dark nights … November is here. It seems to last forever and the allotment looks bleak. A frost split the wood around the salad bed and a strong wind brought down one of the floral arches in the orchard. We’ve had to fix a leak in the greenhouse and have bought paint for the shed. It’s the time for repairs.

We did buy some Violas, potted them up and have left them out. We also purchased a couple of bare root climbing roses, ‘Spanish Flag’ and ‘Mystery Wonder’. They’re having a winter nap as well.


Freckles and Rubra


Please excuse the mess, but we have a frog living around here and we don’t want to disturb him!

One of our older plot pals, Bill, used to grow potatoes in a bag for Christmas. “They’re not the prettiest, but they’re o.k.” he would say. Bill passed on a few years ago now, but thanks to him we have our own potatoes at Christmas. This year they’re doing really well.


The Christmas Spuds!

We’ve been trying to get as much natural nutrients back into the soil. Whenever we’ve been near the coast we’ve been sneakily bagging some seaweed to bring back and scatter on the ground. The plot smells of the sea when it rains.


The seaweed just before we dug it into the soil. The other beds have already been done.

Hopefully you have all had a better November than us, and a dryer one. Happy Plotting!

Author: Plotdaze

A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

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