An inner city allotment

December 2019

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It’s the end of the year, and I’m staring at bright sun.  Hate to say it … it’s quite warm.

For Christmas we decided to decorate the shed and greenhouse. Fuelled on hot chocolate, mince pies and er … more chocolate, we got to work.


None of your 5 a day here. 

The only thing was, when the lights came on at dusk the plot looked more like something from a halloween movie. We enjoyed doing it anyway and the lights will be moved to the orchard in the spring.


Happy Christmas …?

It was a quiet year for us at the allotments. We had a lot of distractions including bereavement. It felt like there was never enough time to spend there, but we must be grateful for what we had. A lot of people are waiting for an allotment on waiting lists that never seem to shrink, or would like some outdoor space of their own however small. We know how lucky we are.

Anyway, we thought we would end this years Plotdaze with a bit of poetry. We went to an exhibition at the Victoria Gallery & Museum in Liverpool this August.  Poet, Dr Pauline Rowe captures a moment at the allotments so well. I promptly took a picture and thought I would share. I hope she doesn’t mind.


‘Two forks, two spoons …’

Best wishes for 2020. SPRING IS COMING! Happy Plotting!


Author: Plotdaze

A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

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