An inner city allotment

June 2020 ( Lockdown days)

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We’re in a self imposed lock down here. We’re keeping our 2m distance and wearing our masks and gloves when we go out and about, so even though a lot of people seem to have relaxed with the PPE, its it’s still lock down on Plotdaze, and probably will be for a long time.

June has been a bit of a washout. It has RAINED! There’s been no need to get the hosepipes out, the water butts have been full. Which is all good for the plants of course. There’s nothing like arriving at the allotment after a rainfall. Everything just seems to bloom after it’s had a drink.

We waited until the sweetcorn was bigger than usual to go in the soil. We put some protective plastic around it to stop it getting battered by the wind, and to stop our little squirrel friend from attacking it ! There were three spares which we squashed into a gap next to the broad beans and rhubarb. The caging is also to stop those little furry paws…


The chillis are looking a bit sparse. Think we over watered them, but hopefully the sun will bring the heat and they’ll perk up. There are cayenne, poblano and long sweet peppers. Maybe feeding them twice a week is too much?


Please excuse the floating teacups!

We have been getting to the plot very early lately (sometimes 5.30am!!). It’s the best time of the day. The birds are singing and the sun is just coming up. The brassicas are doing really well,up to now – we forgot to lime the soil! So here’s hoping the dreaded clubroot doesn’t make an appearance. We haven’t lost any plants – kohl rabbi, green heart and red cabbage and cauliflower –  and we have some spares we can squeeze in soon somewhere.

IMG_20200624_062128 (1)

Brassica netted from the dread white cabbage butterfly. Dawn.

The salad bed in front of the greenhouse had gone crazy. We were given some bok-choy, which unfortunately bolted as soon as it went in the soil. Both varieties of lettuce – Little Gem and Romaine- are doing well, as are the spring onions. Here’s an early morning view from the greenhouse door. You can just see the dahlias and the bean canes.

IMG_20200624_062025 (1)

Everything looks a bit wild!

Here’s hoping for some better weather in July. We hope you are keeping well.

Stay Safe!

Happy plotting!

Author: Plotdaze

A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

One thought on “June 2020 ( Lockdown days)

  1. Okay, so I like the floating teacup…great ide!
    Everything is looking lovely…

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