An inner city allotment

July 2020 (Lockdown days)

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Well, I was going to get rid of the ‘Lockdown days‘ tag, but a lot of the north of England has been re-immersed lockdown, so it stays for now. We hope you are all well and remembering to wash your hands, people seem to be forgetting.

For us, the weather in July has been a bit blah. A lot of rain with some sunny days. Right now it is sweltering. In the greenhouse there have been some disasters. All of the cucumbers died, all four, one after another. They literally just withered away. It has to have been a virus. There was a lot of fruit on them as well. We got rid and burned the plants. Better luck next year.

The chillies are doing well, as are the aubergines. The actual plants look awful. There has been some greenfly attacks and speckled leaves, but there has been a copious amount of fruit from them. We’ll definitely be growing the slimmer variety again. I’m going to try and save some seed from one of them. They taste great in a curry!


The fruit trees have been producing really well, even the apple tree we moved last year has fruited, not too much, but enough. We had given all of the trees a potash feed in spring, and some seaweed feed every now and again. It seems to have worked!


The sweet pea trough has been a success … sort off. The half that gets the most sun has been prolific. I have to stand on a stool to pick the flowers as they stretch across the roof of the green house. We didn’t think the other half would be so bad though. It’s not in direct shade, just less sunny! We’re going to do this again next year. It’s been great walking onto the plot through the scent of the sweet peas. The variety ‘Mumsie’ and ‘Tiller Girls’ have been particularly good.



We’ve been bringing a lot of flowers home. We’ve run out of vases sometimes. Here’s just a couple of pics. Some are of the darker variety dahlias – think they’re ‘Eveline’ and ‘Edinburgh’ – and some of the more colourful flowers from the plot.


Stay safe everyone. Happy Plotting!


Author: Plotdaze

A Liverpool allotment. Up North.

One thought on “July 2020 (Lockdown days)

  1. The dahlias are gorgeous…too bad about the cukes though 🙂

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