An inner city allotment

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October 2018

One of our favourite months on the allotment. Bright sunshine, crisp cold mornings and lots of birds waiting for the feeders to be topped up. We’ve done a bit of D.I.Y. on the plot this month. Moving things about, building ramshackle raised beds, it’s been hard work but great.

Firstly, we began putting the dahlias to bed, these were the last of the … lost the name tag, but they’ve been a great bloomer all summer. The colour is amazing.¬† We spent a good couple of hours digging up all the tubers and drying them off, unfortunately we haven’t got a ‘Dahlia cupboard’ like a certain TV gardener, so some newspapers and large pots have to do for cover.


Coffee Time.

We had to move one of the apple trees from the orchard. It had almost toppled over in the last strong winds we had, and was getting shaded by the other trees. The apples are delicious from it. We had moved the rhubarb bed, so decided to give it a new home there. It promptly decided to immediately shed it’s leaves. Hope we haven’t done more harm than good.


Fingers crossed!

We needed somewhere to park our roses. We’ve been given a few, and bought a couple, each one means something to us. So we decided to build a raised bed from all the old bits of wood on the allotment. It was a spare bit of space, that had previously been used for growing peas in containers. As well as the roses we’ll be putting a lot of various herbs in there so it’s not just for decoration, but we can’t wait to see the flowers next year.


Has since been creosoted!

This month has passed so quickly. Winding the allotment down seems to have produced more work. Looking forward to November. Happy Plotting!




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Autumnal return!

Plotdaze has been absent for a few months, mainly due to illness, but that has not stopped work happening at the allotments.

It’s the end of the summer season, harvests have been gathered and stored in the glasshouse. Our tender plants have been put to bed, which leaves very little room for manoeuvre in the greenhouse. Our cold frame has to be dismantled also, so the shed is full of rattling old window frames, the bottom half (we call it the coffin!) tipped on its side waiting to be repaired for next year.


Our little plot was entered for the city Allotment competition this year. Five were entered from our site, and, I think, we came in the top fifty for the city although trying to work out the scores was slightly mystifying! It was fun to take part, hard work and if we get entered again next year, great … I don’t think we’ll ever win though, especially with lino holding the green house roof together!

So after a season of successful beans, nicked peas and Romanesco broccoli that never made an appearance, we wind down to the Autumn. ¬†Huge pumpkins are scattered about the allotments, some will need a lorry to get them home, and plots begin to look bedraggled and empty. We’ve begun planting bulbs for next year, looking forward to next Spring and Summer already!


This is a favourite time for us; cup of hot coffee and a misty cold afternoon, nothing better!